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Child Support

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Strong Parents, Strong Families, Strong Foundations

August is Child Support Awareness Month!

  • Did you know that Cherokee Nation Office of Child Support Services (“CN OCSS”) has been serving children and families since 2007?
    • The program opened its doors in July 2007 and currently serves thousands of families throughout the Cherokee Nation reservation. The program has approximately 20 dedicated case management staff who routinely work with those children and families to provide child support related services.
  • Did you know that if you want assistance in determining paternity, Child Support Services might be able to assist you?
    • The CN OCSS can complete free genetic testing for applicants who request services to determine who the legal father and mother are of the children. An application for child support services must be completed and can be found at this link under “Downloads”:
  • Did you know that CN OCSS works to set court child support orders that takes into consideration both parents income when calculating the order?
    • This is because CN OCSS has always held that children deserve to be cared for by both parents and by taking into account both parents incomes; ultimately, this lends to creating a fair and equitable child support order. Parents can always agree to a different amount or consider in-kind payments if they believe that is most beneficial for their situation.  
  • Did you know that child support could be considered an essential part of co-parenting?
    • Co-parenting is defined as separated parents who share equally with the other parent in the care of their children. When both parents support their children, an important message is sent to the children: both parents are caring for them even if they are living apart.
    • Studies have shown supportive co-parenting is related to better school performance and higher self-esteem in children.
  • Did you know that CN OCSS works to collect regular child support payments?
    • Nearly all child support orders have monthly ordered amounts and so the goal when providing services is to ensure those payments occur regularly. It is important for children’s household to have reliable child support as this helps with long-term planning for the needs of the children.

  • Did you know that supporting a child is more than just about the court ordered payments?
    • When becoming a parent for the first time, decisions have to be made that ensure all of a child’s essential needs are being met. Children’s essential needs are food, clothing and a safe place to rest their head at night.  Child Support can assist the custodial party in providing those essential needs. 
    • In addition, parents can choose to provide more than just the money! A positive relationship between a child and their parent can provide strong foundations of security, stability, consistency, emotional support, love, education, structure and positive role models. A strong foundation builds a strong future!   

“Strong Parents, Strong Families, Strong Foundations”

The Cherokee Nation Office of Child Support Services (CNOCSS) provides genetic testing for paternity establishment; location services, establishes child support obligations and can offer support in modifying child support orders. In addition, CNOCSS has a payment processing unit that ensures recordkeeping for all payment history and a case management unit that ensures regular child support payments. The Child Support Services office focuses on ensuring that parents are supporting their children and acting in the children's best interest and understands that support can come in a myriad of ways. CNOCSS works will all parties in a neutral environment to establish child support that is beneficial to each particular child and family.

Our Mission

The mission of the Cherokee Nation Office of Child Support Services is to partner with families and other programs to ensure the collaboration of services and resources are in place to build a stable environment for our children that will instill self-sufficiency and wellbeing.

Our goal is to strengthen Cherokee children, families and communities by ensuring a respectful, friendly environment where families can work together for the benefit of their children.

Who We Serve

Cherokee children under the age of majority living within the boundaries of the Cherokee Nation are eligible to receive child support services. A Cherokee child under the age of majority is defined as a person under the age of 20 years old, who have not graduated from high school and is regularly attending public or private school.

We can generally assist any Native American family if they are willing to submit to Cherokee Nation tribal court jurisdiction and reside within our 14-county jurisdictional service area. The Cherokee Nation Office of Child Support Services will serve the full county in cases where the jurisdictional service area takes in only a portion of the county.

Public Notices