Child Support

CN Child Support Services P.O. Box 557 Tahlequah, OK 74465

Terms And Conditions

  1. Terms And Conditions

    This statement of Terms and Conditions is called the "Agreement" and contains the rules and responsibilities of all participants choosing to use the online payment portal.

    "Business Day" means Monday through Friday, excluding tribal, federal and Federal Reserve holidays.

    “CN” means Cherokee Nation

    “CN OCSS” means Cherokee Nation Office of Child Support Services

    “CN OCSS Payment Portal (“CN OCSS PP”)” means the Cherokee Nation Office of Child Support internet payment portal used for processing payments via the internet.

    "Credit Card" means the card issued by a financial institution or retail merchant that allows the holder to obtain cash and/ or purchase goods or services on credit.

    “Initiated" means the creation of an Internet web payment by entering payment information and submitting a payment with the Cherokee Nation Office of Child Support Payment portal.

    "Non-Business Days" are Saturday, Sunday, and tribal, federal, and Federal Reserve holidays.

    “Participant ID”- unique identification number for participants utilized within the CN OCSS operating system.

    “Payment Instructions" means the information provided by you for identification of a web payment to be made to a child support case(s) (such as, but not limited to, noncustodial parent's name, birthdate,  noncustodial parent's participant ID, payment amount, and payment date).

    “Posted Date" is the Business Day the payment is applied to the child support account(s).

    "Processing Period" is the period of time starting at submitting a payment through the Payment Portal up to the payment being posted to a child support case by CN OCSS Payment Center. The processing period could take up to five (5) Business days.

    "We," "us," and "our(s)" refer to the CN Child Support Services office, or the Office of Child Support Services or the payment portal, and/ or its agents.

    "You" and "your(s)" refers to each person who uses the CN OCSS PP.  You may be a noncustodial parent making payments on your own behalf; you may be a spouse/significant other, or any other party making payments on behalf of a noncustodial parent.

    In order to use the CN OCSS PP to make a Credit Card payment, You must be a legal holder of an accepted Credit Card/ Debit card. You must also have a valid e-mail account and access to the Internet.

    Once You have submitted the required personal and Credit Card information as outlined in the payment instructions to authorize a child support payment by Credit Card, the Credit Card information will be validated by the web site. Once the Credit Card account is validated, payment is initiated. You will be notified promptly by e-mail. The e-mail will provide You a record of the authorized child support payment, a confirmation number, and the payment time and date. Payment requests will be posted to the child support case within five business days.


    It will be up to You to remember your participant ID number; this is a required field in the payment portal.   These numbers are unique to You as an individual. If you forget your participant ID, you may request this number be sent to you regular mail / email / text, from the CN OCSS through Your assigned case manager. It is your responsibility to inform the CN OCSS of any error in your payment you have submitted within two (2) business days of receiving confirmation of the payment. CN OCSS will attempt to come to an agreement with You or provide a resolve for any error in payment in a timely manner. Any decisions of the CN OCSS Payment Center regarding errors in payments will be final. 

    An internet payment arrangement cannot replace federally mandated wage withholding. If you are a noncustodial parent and your order requires wage withholding, the Child Support agency may take withholding action or any other collection action without further notice to you, even though you are making or have made internet payments. If you are currently under an income withholding order, making internet payments will not result in the cancellation of your income withholding order.

    CN OCSS reserves the right to limit your use of the Internet payment service by imposing limits, hold times, or other measures if We believe that suspicious activity has occurred or may occur.

    The CN OCSS and/ or its agents have taken steps to safeguard the integrity of its data and prevent unauthorized access to information maintained by CN OCSS and Information systems staff.   These measures are designed and intended to prevent corruption of data, block unknown and unauthorized access to our systems and information, and to provide reasonable protection of private information in our possession. CN OCSS and/ or its agents have the right to  refuse Your payment to the CN OCSS PP, or to reject or reverse any transaction(s) You initiate at any time and for any reason, including, but not limited to:

      1. Using the CN OCSS PP (directly or indirectly) for any unlawful purpose;

      2. In any way attempting to corrupt the security of the CN OCSS PP, and/or

      3. Using debit/ credit cards that are directly billed to a closed account, etc.

    The CN OCSS PP is intended to be available twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week. However, the CN OCSS PP may be unavailable from time to time for scheduled maintenance. There may also be unscheduled down time, but We will work to minimize such interruptions in service. In the unusual event that system interruptions may result in a delay in processing payments, payments will be processed as soon as possible upon completion of any system maintenance. User agrees that Cherokee Nation, CN OCSS and/ or its agents are not liable for any loss resulting from any delay in processing payments.


    CN and CN OCSS and/ or its agents will use its best efforts to apply all your payments properly. However, CN and CN OCSS and/ or its agents incur no liability for damages suffered by You as a result of your unsuccessful attempts to use the CN OCSS PP.  This disclaimer applies to any actions that are performed by any entity other than CN or CN OCSS in connection with your attempted use of the CN OCSS PP. Damages for which CN and CN OCSS and/ or its agents shall not be responsible include, but are not limited to, fees or charges assessed by your financial institution, telephone service provider, or Internet service provider. Furthermore, CN, CN OCSS and/ or its agents shall not be responsible for any damages arising from or related to CN OCSS PP’s inability to complete any payments Initiated by You through the CN OCSS PP because of the existence of any one or more of the following circumstances:

    1. If your  debit/ credit card does not contain sufficient funds to complete the Electronic Funds Transfer transaction;

    If you provide CN OCSS PP with incorrect information, including but not limited to the name, birth date or participant ID;

    If the cancellation of a transaction was not received by CN OCSS in a timely manner; or

    If circumstances beyond our control (e.g. flood, labor strike, national emergency, etc.) prevent the completion of the transaction despite our reasonable precautions.

    You are responsible for the installation, maintenance, and operation of your computer and your browser software. The risk of error, failure, or non-performance is your risk and includes the risk that You do not operate your computer or your software properly. CN OCSS and/ or its agents are not responsible for any errors or failures from any malfunction of your computer or software. CN OCSS and/ or its agents are not responsible for any electronic virus or viruses that You may encounter. CN OCSS and/ or its agents are not responsible for computer virus related problems that may be associated with your use of CN OCSS PP. CN OCSS and/ or its agents have no liability to You for any damage or other loss, direct or consequential, which You may suffer or incur by reason of your use of your computer or your software.

    CN OCSS and/ or its agents are not responsible for verification of the identity of recipients. CN OCSS and/ or its agents are not responsible for payments made to unintended recipients due to the input of incorrect information (including but not limited to Participant ID, Date of Birth, Case ID, etc.) by You.

    You agree not to give or make available to any unauthorized individuals your participant ID. You are responsible for all payments You authorize using the CN OCSS PP. If persons use, with or without your consent, your Participant ID to access your account, You are responsible for any transactions they authorize. If You believe that your Participant ID has been lost or stolen or that someone has or may attempt to use the CN OCSS PP without your consent or has made payment without your permission, You must notify CN Child Support Services and/ or its agents at once by calling the CN OCSS at 918-453-5444, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Central Standard Time (CST), any Business Day.

    It is our general policy to treat your account information as confidential. However, we may disclose information to third parties about your account, or the transactions you make, in the following situations:

      1. Where it is necessary for completing transactions, such as to the processing Financial Institution;

      2. In order to verify existence and condition of your account for a third party such as a credit bureau or merchant;

      3. If you give us your written permission;

      4. In order to comply with government agency and court orders; or

      5. For any other reasons stated in the CN Child Support confidentiality policy.

    By utilizing the CN OCSS PP and accepting these Terms and Conditions You are authorizing withdrawals from your debit card/credit card for payment to CN OCSS Payment Center. If your account balance is insufficient to fund any authorized withdrawal, You further authorize the withdrawal of any and such unpaid amounts, together with all applicable fees and penalties, on any date that funds may be available in your account. Any resulting debt to CN OCSS is subject to collection action.

    By accessing, the CN OCSS PP to authorize child supports payments with your credit / debit card You are authorizing payment from your credit card for the designated payment amount.

    CN OCSS and/ or its agents may terminate or suspend service to You at any time and/ or revoke your right to use the CN OCSS PP if necessary. Neither termination nor suspension shall affect your child support liability or obligations under this agreement.

    You agree that CN OCSS reserves the right to obtain financial information regarding your account from a payee or financial institution to resolve payment-posting problems


    Should your credit / debit card transaction be declined, You will need to contact your credit card company to determine why the payment was not authorized.

    In the event of a dispute regarding CN OCSS and/ or any agent of the CN OCSS PP including but not limited to Child Support Services Staff, You and CN OCSS and/ or its agents agree to resolve the dispute by looking to this Agreement. You agree that this agreement is the complete and exclusive statement of the agreement between You and CN OCSS and/ or its agents which supersedes any proposal or prior agreement, oral or written, and any other communications between You and CN OCSS and/ or its agents relating to the subject matter of this Agreement. If there is a conflict between, any statement of an employee, agent, or contractor of CN OCSS PP and the terms of this Agreement, the terms of this Agreement will prevail.