Child Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some answers to common questions we get asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are arrears?

"Arrears," "arrearage," or "past-due support" means the total amount of unpaid support obligations that have accrued under a support order.

When is my case considered delinquent?

Child support is considered "delinquent" if it is not received on the date the payments are due, according to the court order. If an income assignment is in effect, the schedule for receiving payments may be affected by the terms of the notice to the employer and the payroll dates of the employer. In those cases, if child support is not received in full by CN OCSS by the last day of the month, it is considered "delinquent." However, there are certain criteria that must be met before any enforcement action can be taken.

How can parents receiving services help CN OCSS efforts?

You can help CN OCSS collect support for your family by:

Giving CN OCSS all the information asked for on the application

  • Providing all child support orders related to your case
  • Providing a clear, detailed month-by-month record of child support payments received from the noncustodial parent
  • Telling CN OCSS of any periods the other parent had custody
  • Giving CN OCSS clear and complete child support information
  • Informing CN OCSS of any changes in your address
  • Informing CNOSS of any changes in the noncustodial parent's address, employment, or assets
  • Providing the noncustodial parent's correct Social Security number
  • Making a list of all of the noncustodial parent's hobbies, (hunting, fishing, etc.), professional organizations, or trade unions which may require a professional license

Responding to any request for additional information as soon as possible

Your failure to cooperate with CN OCSS may require CN OCSS to begin a process to close your child support case.

Can CNOSS help with questions or problems about visitation?

CNOSS does not provide visitation services. If you have visitation issues that you need a judge to resolve, you will have to have those issues enforced by the court that issued your order.

Do you have an attorney I can talk to about a question I have related to child support?

No. CNOSS cannot provide legal advice. You should seek the advice of a private attorney. Cherokee Nation Child Support Services does not represent you.