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Child Support

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Income Withholding Questions

Income Withholding Questions

What is a lump sum payment?

A lump sum is a one-time payment to an employee.

What do I do if the employee tells me I am withholding the wrong amount?

You should explain to your employee that, by law, you are ordered to withhold the amount on the order until you receive an amended order and he or she should contact the child support agency.

What do I do if the employee tells me that his case has been closed and to stop withholding wages?

You must continue withholding until the child support agency or court notifies you of a change or to stop the withholding.

What do I do if an employee is terminated or resigns?

Mail or fax a copy of the income withholding order with the employee’s forwarding information and termination date.

The employee has requested to withhold additional amounts, am I allowed to honor the request?

Yes or the employees can send additional payments to the child support agency.

What will happen if I choose to not withhold child support after receiving an order to?

Employers who do not withhold and send payments as ordered are subject to penalties per state law.

My employee has multiple, a previous or received a garnishment unrelated to child support. How do I handle withholding child support?

Child support is a priority over all other claims against the employee’s wages; except federal tax liens.