Child Support

1511 Ketcher Street, Building C Tahlequah, OK 74464

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For Employers

What is employment verification?

  • What?
    • A request to verify an employee’s employment status, wages, and benefits.
    • Verification requests from child support also assist in locating non-custodial parents.
  • Why?
    • Child support agencies need specific and current information to establish or modify orders.
    • You must respond promptly and as fully as possible when you receive a verification request.
  • How?
    • Complete information requested in letters, subpoenas, state-issued forms, or attorney requests

What is an (IWO) Income Withholding Order

  • What? 
    • An income withholding order is a court-mandated payroll deduction.
  • Why?
    • If a noncustodial parent has an unpaid child support debt and is your employee, a court or child support agency will send you an Income Withholding for Support (IWO) order.
  • Where?
    • Cherokee Nation Child Support Payment Center
      P.O. Box 21046
      Tulsa, OK  74121

(Anyone sending you an income withholding order for child support must use the OMB-approved IWO).

*You cannot terminate an employee because of child support withholding*

Frequently Asked Questions

My employee receives tips, do I calculate as earnings when calculating the amount to be withheld?

No.  According to the Department of Labor, tips are not earnings for the purpose of wage garnishment.

Am I allowed to garnish the employee’s paid time off (PTO), such as vacation or sick leave?


Am I allowed to charge a processing fee?