Child Support

1511 Ketcher Street, Building C Tahlequah, OK 74464

IV-D Agencies & Courts

The Office of Child Support Services would like to make sure all state and tribal IV-D agencies are officially notified that per Cherokee Nation statutes, all income withholding orders for collection of child support should be delivered to the Office of Child Support Services and be enforced in accordance with Cherokee Nation law and the policies and procedures of the Office of Child Support Services. (12 CNCA § 1171.A.)  

If you have a client who is an employee of Cherokee Nation, a Cherokee Nation Business or a Cherokee Nation Entity, all income withholding orders are to be submitted to: 

Cherokee Nation Office of Child Support Services:
P.O. Box 557
Tahlequah, OK 74465

Or sent via email to: cn_

In addition to the Income Withholding Order (IWO), Cherokee Nation Office of Child Support Services requires the following documents to be submitted:

*Action Transmittal #3 *Participant Client Worksheet

*Copy of the Court order to which the IWO is associated including a judgment payment if noted on the IWO. Note: If a judgment payment is included in the IWO, please send a verified statement of balance.

If you have questions regarding Cherokee Nation’s policies in processing Income Withholding Orders, please feel free to contact us at 918-453-5444 or toll free at 866-247-5346.

Our program greatly appreciates your attention to this matter!